Chipped Windscreen?
If you hold a comprehensive insurance policy, most insurance companies will pay in full for the repair without loss to your no-claims bonus. Autoplus have direct billing facilities in place with many of the UK's major insurance companies. We can manage all of your insurance paperwork, making it as hassle free as possible for you. Click on Insurance Work at the top of the page for more information or contact us on 0800 285 1299 or a local Senior Technician on 07787 182194.

Even if your policy does not cover you for glass damage we can still help. Although you will have to pay for the repair yourself, our prices are very competitive.

We always aim to repair your windscreen rather than replace it, yet we will never carry out a repair when this would compromise safety.  The size and position of the chip determine whether a repair is possible. 

  • Use these position and size guidelines to work out whether your chip can be repaired: 



In line with the steering wheel – 10mm (5p coin size approx)

Everywhere else – 25mm (2p coin size approx)

If all of the damage can be contained within the appropriate coin size, we should be able to repair it. However, safety is never compromised and if the chip is larger then we might have to replace your windscreen. All our repairs are fully guaranteed for 3 years and meet the British Standard Code of Practice BS AU 242a: 1998.

Contact us freephone on 0800 285 1299 or a local Senior Technician on 07787 182194.